Tyga Performs at Club Nokia April 1st

Tyga first came onto the music scene in 2008 with his single 'Cocunut Juice'. Tyga also happens to be the cousin of Travie McCoy, the lead singer of Gym Class Heros. From the little success that the rapper gained from his single many thought he would not be on the music much longer. A few years later, the Los Angeles native signs to Cash Money, Young Money alongside his counterpart Drake. Most people including myself did not expect much from Tyga, since we all already knew what he considered to be 'music'. Surprisingly the young MC worked hard to grow his fanbase and become better. Laying out mixtape after mixtape with solid rhymes, the young rapper was on the road to something bigger than just ‘Coconut Juice’. It seemed as though Tyga decided to go a different route, and cater to a more hardcore hip hop crowd rather than stick to producing the same the mainstream pop hits that flood the airwaves.

At 22 the artist has accomplished a lot and continues to be on the right road to bigger and better things. The young MC released his second studio album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King, in February selling 61,000 copies in its first week. Now the YMCMB member is on his way to performing at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. The concert will feature performances from label mate Lil’ Twist and fellow Los Angeles native, YG. Tickets are currently sold-out, but if you tune into your favorite radio station maybe you can snag a pair.

Big Sean is Coming to Club Nokia

Since appearing on the cover of Freshmen XXL '10 cover Big Sean has gone on to drop an album, go on tour, and start a beef. Sean hits include songs like 'Dance,' 'I Do it,' and 'My Last.' The Detroit native first got his chance at fame when he spit a long line of bars for rap superstar Kanye West. At the time the rapper was working a typical 9-5 job, and would go to the local radio station to get more in touch with the music. Several years later the 23 year old was signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. music Label.

Sean went on to drop his anticipated album 'Finally Famous' which ended up selling over 100,000 units in its first week. Since then the emcee has done features with Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. He even joined on to be a part of Trey Songz's tour. Big Sean makes an appearance in the City of Angeles at Club Nokia on March 27. Located in downtown, Club Nokia has the capacity to hold thousands of people, so this will surely be a show that you do not want to miss. Tickets are still on sale at Ticketmaster, and range anywhere from $25.00 to $46.50.

Along with Big Sean will be this year's XXL Freshmen class. If you have an interest in up and coming emcees then this is probably the show for you. Most notably XXL included the first ever female rapper on their list. Rappers from all over the United States are expected to be in attendance for this one of a kind show.

Drake, A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar at USC Galen Center

Drake has had a tremendous amount of success since his Degrassi days. At one time in 2009 he was a relatively unknown rapper. By the time his single 'Best I Ever Had' made it through the radio circuit, the hype was so huge, and there was no turning back. I have to say I never watched Degrassi, but I did listen to Drake before the hype and before 'Best I Ever Had' became everyone's ringtone.

For some the rapper can be overly sensitive. Common recently came out calling the rapper "sweet". Drake IS in fact the definition of "sweet." However, it is only fair to say that "sweet" makes number one records, and pays the bills. Drake makes some of the most conflicting and redundant songs. The plot and storyline is mundane, but you can't help but feel like it is all brand new.

Drake is coming to L.A. March 5th along with A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar. Los Angeles is Lamar's hometown, and the rapper receives a huge amount of respect when he performs shows in Southern California. Kendrick Lamar is on the up and up. The thing that works well for Drake on this tour is that Kendrick brings a lyrical precision to the table that Drake cannot touch. Drake's songs overflow you with emotions all at once, which can be seen as too basic. On the other hand, Lamar’s bars, rhymes and flows let in separate emotions one step at a time, and by the time he is done those emotions have fused into one thing.

Drake, A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar will all be performing at the USC Galen Center. The show is expected to bring out students from all over Southern California. Tickets have probably sold out long ago, but you can go to Ticketmaster to try your luck at a pair.

Sinead O'Connor Comes to The El Rey Theatre

Coming off of the news that her and her newlywed husband have re-united, Sinead O’Connor is expected to be in Los Angeles on February 21. Performing at the El Rey Theatre in the heart of Los Angeles this is sure to be a night that fans of the singer won’t want to miss. O’Connor first garnered attention for her album ‘The Lion and the Cobra,’ and since then the singer has been no stranger to controversy and standing out.

With a new album titled ‘How About I Be Me (and You Be You)’ the singer is giving fans a taste of the old Sinead. The album is laced with a feeling of happiness and romanticism, something that marriage brings along. Decorated with songs like “Old Lady” and “I Had a Baby” fans are given an insight into just how O’Connor feels, and what she truly wants with that special someone in life. Sinead is expected to play songs off her new album, and of course some of her old material.

Starting at $30, tickets are already on sale. The venue, The El Rey Theatre, gives visitors a taste of the architectural L.A. that is often overshadowed by the busy nightclubs, celebrity spotting, and shopping that the rest of Los Angeles has to offer. Used for over 60 years as a movie theater, the venue is a pleasant surprise to newcomers. The El Rey Theatre is mostly standing room admission with a VIP balcony for those willing to fork over a little cash. The prime fun of the theater comes from being in the crowd as the performances take place. Head over to Ticketmaster to purchase tickets for the show.

Big Time Rush at the Gibson Amphitheater Feb 18

"For all of the Los Angeles Big Time Rush fans, the band is coming to arena near you."

Big Time rush is probably most commonly known for the Nickelodeon show that is dedicated to them. The group signed a record deal in the same year that they signed on for the Nickelodeon show, ‘Big Time Rush’. They went on to release their first single in late 2009 and the rest has become history. Much of the show’s success has contributed to the band’s exposure, and ever growing popularity. The show opened up with a premier consisting of over 6.8 million viewers.

In 2010, the group went on to achieve bigger and greater things. They released their debut album, B.T.R. The album has currently sold over 900,000 copies worldwide. This success contributed to them being nominated for an MTV award in 2011, for “Best Breakout band”. Releasing their second studio album, Elevate in November of 2011, the group plans to promote that album and its music on their Better with U Tour.

For all of the Los Angeles Big Time Rush fans, the band is coming to arena near you. If you are also a fan of the ‘Leave get out’ singer, JoJo, and then you will be happy to hear that she is expected to open for Big Time Rush on their tour.  The band is scheduled to play at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles, CA on Feb 18. Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased at Ticketmaster. Don’t miss your chance to see JoJo, Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan perform some of your favorite songs in one night. 

Spend Valentine’s Day weekend with Trey Songz

With songs like, “Neighbors Know My name” and “Say Ahh” who wouldn’t want to share Valentine’s Day weekend with Trey Songz? The R&B crooner and certified ladies man is expected to embark on his Anticipation 2our, starting February 9th one of the many stops includes the Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live in Los Angeles on February 17th. The rap artist Big Sean will be on tour as well, opening for Trey Songz. The tour is meant to generate awareness for the singer’s latest mixtape title “Anticipation 2.” In addition, the tour will help create a buzz for the Trey’s fifth studio album, titled Chapter 5, which is expected to drop sometime this year.

Trey Songz has enjoyed much of his success due to his ability to appeal to much of the female demographic, of which I am 100% guilty of being a part of. Enjoying success from hits featuring artists like Nicki Minaj, Drake and Fabulous, Songz continues to work on putting out better material. Songz is often referred to as being the only real R&B singer left in the industry at this point, and from many of his performances you can easily see why.

My bucket list includes attending a Trey Songz concert one day, where he may single me out from the crowd and make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world, a la Rihanna. If you have the funds and time to attend this concert then by all means take advantage of the opportunity. Also if you do not expect to have a Valentine this year, this is a great alternative instead of sitting on the couch eating Ben Jerry’s and watching reruns of Desperate Housewives or (insert favorite guilty pleasure here) Mob Wives.

Wu-Tang Clan at Club Nokia Jan 21st!

It has been almost 20 years since Wu-Tang Clan first decided to come together, and give the world a new sound. The group has been credited for paving the way for ‘Gangsta rap’ in the east coast. Many legal issues, controversies, beefs, solo albums, and awards later the group is back at the highly popular Club Nokia in Los Angeles,CA. In 2011 the group announced a new solo album was in the works and one of the group’s members, Ghostface Killah confirmed that the album is set to drop in May of 2012. If you are one of those diehard fans, that have been saving for the day that Wu-Tang Klan would once again tear up the stage, then luckily that day has come. There is no doubt that Wu-Tang will leave its audience with memories that they can reminisce about for decades to come.

Club Nokia is set as a part of the L.A. Live complex in downtown Los Angeles. L.A. Live shares views with the Staples Center on one side and the Los Angeles Convention Center on another. As almost unbelievable that it is to see Wu-Tang Clan perform again, now you can see them in one of the best clubs in Southern California to date. Most of the group’s original members like RZA, Method Man and Raekwon are expected to be in attendance. The group last dropped a studio album together 3 years ago in 2007, so it has been awhile. This is a great time to hear some new material and to sing along to some of their classic hits including, “Trumph”, “C.R.E.A.M.” and “Protect Ya Neck.”

Walter Lure LAMF featuring original Rent Party guitar player Joey Pinter


                                           FEATURING JOEY PINTER


                                                                  JUNE 10 ALEXS BAR LONG BEACH

                                                                    JUNE 11 THE REWOOD LOS ANGELES

Urinating on Flowers. 100 of Them.

Pretty much half of the first and second wave punk acts seem to have been started by folks who maintain their initial impetus was more closely related to comedy than authentic musician ship. 100 Flowers is another group which maintains that. Started as the Urinals during the late seventies, the band issued a few singles, recorded a ridiculous amount of material and subsequently changed its name to the more palatable 100 Flowers. Blame it on the Paisley Underground or myriad other underground influences. The name change, though, also coincided with a significant shift in aural aptitude.

The Urinals, somehow, shared more than a fair share of musical similarities with all the New Zealand stuff at work around the same period of time. No, there weren’t any Tall Dwarfs corollaries as such, but the same sort of fast paced jangly pop stuff ran through both bands recorded works. Hearing the Urinals collected on Negative Capability should sate any fan of reasonably intelligent rock stuff masquerading as sub-tards strangling their instruments. With the name change, 100 Flowers still had use for a few musical ideas worked up during its first incarnation.

As included on 100 Years of Pulchritude, “Dizzy Ms. Lizzy” includes some of the more noisome elements found in the Urinals approach to guitar while its back beat winds up being connected closely to the Texas hardcore groups defining itself in relation to the Minutemen – Really Red and the Big Boys. Firmly rooted in its own place and time, 100 Flowers worked up material like, “California’s Falling into the Ocean,” again referencing its punkier past while still making sure to toss in rhythmic interplay far beyond its contemporaries. Most engaging about the song, is the band being able to include all that with more than a dash of vocal melodicism. Even today, how many punk bands sport harmonies? Not too many.

By the early eighties, when most of LA’s first wave of punk acts were busy working with ex-Doors players or figuring out how to be a Mexican rock band, the Urinals kicked around long enough to be an accidental link to the following era of underground rock groups like 7 Year Bitch and whoever else would wind up being insinuated into Sub Pop’s ultimate domination of the indie rock scene. That being said, the Urinals and even 100 Flowers easily trump most of that schlock. Hey, even Jay Reatard like these guys.

Maroon 5 Concert Promotes Cigs to Kids

As a pretty big fan of Maroon 5—I’ve been known to play “She Will Be Loved,” “Won’t Go Home Without You,” and “Wake Up Call” on a three-song loop while working—I was just appalled to learn that the band’s upcoming concert in Indonesia is being heavily sponsored by a tobacco company, the Surya PROfessional Mild brand. It’s not just that they’re being sponsored by the company, though; the company is also holding a contest to give people free tickets to the concert, which has prompted thousands of kids and teenagers to sign up for the tobacco company’s newsletter in order to win (this was part of the registration process for the concert).  The tickets to the show also feature the company’s branding.

Forget cartoon characters on cigarette boxes being a danger to kids; now we’ve got musical groups peddling the product.

Maroon 5, thousands of children and teens love your music. When I first started enjoying it I was barely out of my teens myself, and both my sisters were still in junior high and high school. Your sound is pretty unique and there’s no denying how catchy your songs are. But as a musical group that has such a huge teen and youth audience, don’t you think it should be your responsibility to lead your fans by example and not promote what is perhaps the world’s unhealthiest product—indeed, a product which kills its own customers, as so many anti-tobacco ads have pointed out—to them?

And here is the kicker: the band has been known to actively campaign against cancer. This would be really cool, of course, if their concerts weren’t promoting one of the biggest causes of cancer on earth, the very one that several of my beloved relatives have died from. In fact, I doubt that any of us doesn’t know someone that hasn’t died as a direct cause of this product.

Please write to Maroon 5 about your concern for their sponsorship from this tobacco company, and especially the company’s actions to promote their products to youth. (Shouldn’t it be illegal for youth under 18 to sign up for cigarette company e-mails, anyway, by the way?) The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is hosting a campaign to ask that Maroon 5 apologize for this sponsorship and donate their concert proceeds to Indonesian health groups that fight against tobacco use. If you think they should do this, too, please click here to add your name.